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Counseling For Christ​

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Welcome To Yahweh's Counseling

We are a Clinical Christian Counseling organization where Jehovah God, the Holy Spirit and God's son, Jesus Christ is the focus. We takes a person from where they are to who they potentially can becomes with the resources God has given us in Christ Jesus. We provide counseling services, trainings as in workshops, presentation and  seminars taught by Dr. Ophelia. We are a Clinical Christian counseling organization serving for the purpose of counseling and education as a mission here in the United States of America and around the globe.

Online Counseling are also available via Skype for those living outside our area both nationally and internationally.  We provide general counseling to the public.  However, we specializes in Marital and Family Counseling. Persons who are struggling in areas of pre-marital, marital issues, and family problems or related issues please contact us for resources with the technology available for counseling services.

As a Christian organization we rely heavily on the gifts and prayers of our partners in ministry.

If the Lord is leading you to partner with us financially, please click the “Donation" button below to complete your transaction or click on paypal.me/4we


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